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Generation Y more stressed than older counterparts

9th November 2010
Recent research conducted by Badenoch and Clark to mark Stress Awareness Day on November 3rd found that a staggering 84% of staff encounter stress at work. A further 14% report to feeling very or extremely stressed. When it comes to age, the younger generation are far more stressed than older colleagues. 20% of 16-24 year olds felt extremely stressed at work compared to just 10% of over-55s.

However, there may be signs that stress levels are dropping slowly as the economy continues to stabilise. Badenoch & Clark’s Employment Study found that 93% of workers were suffering from stress in the same period in 2009, equal to a year-on-year drop of 9%.

The findings are challenged by a recent study from the CIPD which revealed stress levels amongst UK employees have soared over the past year, perhaps due to the uncertain economic conditions and the threat of unemployment. 35% of employers reported stress-related absence has increased over the past year, which has become the main cause of high levels of long-term public-sector absence.
These findings clearly show that stress is a significant issue in UK workplaces. For employers, the benefits of reducing stress are significant: from improved productivity and a happy workforce to greater levels of collaboration and more efficient output.
Companies must invest heavily in HR policies that tackle issues on an individual level, identifying levels of stress amongst different employees and taking steps to reduce this stress. Talking to staff directly – in 1-on-1s – is a great first step to take as this can really supply companies with a wealth of useful information that can drive policy.
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