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Five ways to encourage teamwork

14th October 2010
Teamwork is the ability to work together towards a common goal and is a much desired skill in corporate environments. Companies in which employees combine their skills and experience when working collaboratively on projects often benefit from improved results, smoother day-to-day operations and happier staff. However, encouraging the right kind of atmosphere to foster teamwork can be difficult for some businesses.

Here are five useful ways to get people working together:

Focus on the big picture

Make sure all employees are aware of the long term plans of the company, and regularly refer back to them so all workers remain in sight of the big picture. Some workers naturally see the smaller parts of their jobs and forget to look at how their work contributes to long-term success. This can lead to de-motivation and less willingness to work as a team player.

Establish trust

Trust is the cornerstone of successful teamwork and it’s important that everyone involved trusts the ethics and workmanship of other players. Without trust, team building can become resentful and cause long-term motivation and productivity losses, damaging your bottom line as a result. Ensure trust is developed, whether through close working relationships or external activities, to help foster the right kind of team atmosphere.

Listen attentively

Many managers say they promote a team-based atmosphere on paper but in reality staff may feel ignored or unappreciated. Managers must listen closely and treat all ideas as valuable if they are to truly encourage a team-based atmosphere. Employees must be valued for their skills, attitude and effort – bosses can learn more than they think and it’s essential to be totally inclusive if teams are to work progressively.

Make use of goals

Goals are essential tools when it comes to teamwork – they encourage motivation and productivity and give staff something to work towards. Goals can also be matched with rewards, including days out, bonuses and flexible working time. This encourages teamwork but be sure to reward all employees or resentment can soon set in, particularly if some staff feel they have not been rewarded for hard work.

Share information directly

Don’t make your employees find out what’s going on in the company on the grapevine or from third party sources; this can encourage distrust and kill motivation levels as it makes staff feel unimportant. Keep them regularly informed through a variety of channels including emails, memos and face-to-face conversation. Managers should let staff know as soon as possible if the company has had a great result or has experienced a big client win.

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