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Four statistical reasons to invest in a Facebook presence

1st December 2010
Facebook is the king of online social networks and a juggernaut when it comes to strategically partnering users with relevant products and services easily and quickly. Many companies around the globe invest huge amounts of money in Facebook marketing campaigns, aiming to get themselves a significant brand presence that continues to bring in relevant traffic all year round. Some companies shy away from Facebook – but this is inadvisable at a time when so much money is being spent via social channels.

Here are four very good reasons why your business should be on Facebook.

500 million users and counting

Facebook rivals the World’s biggest countries in terms of user base – this fact alone should convince many companies to start looking at ways to use Facebook to their advantage. It’s a huge potential market with users interested in every single niche.

55 minutes a day

According to recent research the average Facebook users spends 55 minutes a day on the site. That’s a huge amount of time in which they could connect with your brand. Building great content that consumers will enjoy is part of the challenge but if you do it right, you will find that those precious minutes spent online every day are spent ‘liking’ your services and your brand.

130 friends on average

With each Facebook user having on average 130 friends there’s great potential for ‘six degrees of separation’ type connections which can spread your brand further and wider than ever before. Many active Facebook users consistently push ideas and products to their friends and acquaintances, allowing you to disperse your knowledge and services to the maximum amount of people without any extra added cost.

100,000 sites using Facebook Connect

Facebook Connect is one of the best things to come out of Facebook – it’s an innovative way for Facebookers to remain connected to the social network wherever they travel on the Internet. Facebook Connect allows users to use their Facebook logins to access information and services on other sites, making it easier than ever before to access the types of information they want and need. If you can integrate the same kind of functionality into your eCommerce site, you open up the market to many more users that may not have used your services before.

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Four statistical reasons to invest in a facebook presence
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