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Four reasons your firm should have Facebook page

7th October 2010
Facebook is a very important business management tool – born out of a simple idea to allow friends to more easily connect it has become an essential and incredible platform for companies wishing to succeed online in the 21st century. With over 500 million accounts on Facebook, failing to tap into this lucrative website can have significant consequences for your bottom line and overall market share as online buying continues to move to the online arena.

Companies looking to tap into the Facebook brand have a number of different ways of doing so. From setting up personal profiles to posting useful comments on events, firms can utilise many methods to connect their products with the right people. Yet one of the most overlooked avenues is the use of Facebook Pages, which can offer enormous returns if used in the right way.

Facebook pages are specifically designed for brands and businesses and allow them to really access their target market in a centralised and profitable way. If you’re considering setting up a Facebook page, here are four reasons why doing so would be a great move for your company:

Your business finds its niche

Facebook pages are very adept at categorising your business effectively, making it easier than ever before to find the right buyers for your products or services. Facebookers love to see companies that fit into the specific category they’re looking for – it provides confidence and authority and makes them more likely to convert.

Enterprise-level analytics tools

Because Facebook own and operate their own platform, the analytical tools provided for companies to use are first rate and provide a significant insight into how visitors feel towards your products and services. Connecting with these tools in the right way, and using the data you find to make proactive changes to your Facebook page, can help build an enviable and profitable social media channel on Facebook quickly and efficiently.

Increased ability to rank highly

Because Facebook is such a respected and popular site, the major search engines tend to rank Facebook content very highly for even the most competitive search terms. Having a well-read and comprehensive Facebook page can really increase the overall visibility of your brand online and help connect interested users with your products via organic search methods.

Less maintenance, more content

One of the main benefits of Facebook Pages is that they are set up very differently from individual profiles. The main benefit is that you don’t have to manually add friends – these are automatically added so there’s no resource needed from your end. This allows you to more easily focus on the important things, such as adding videos and great content, that helps your page turn visitors into customers.

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