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Four easy ways to embrace social media

3rd December 2010
Social media is an exciting and engaging way for companies to connect their brand with the right people. There are now a number of different avenues for integrating with social media, and some are easier to implement than others. If you have a small or medium sized business and are looking to drive relevant traffic to your website then using social media channels is an easy and cost-effective method that can offer a very attractive ROI.

Here are four easy ways to embrace social media and connect your brand with the right customers:

Start a Twitter account
Twitter is a highly effective communication medium that allows companies to directly communicate with customers in a speedy and effective way. Individual ‘tweets’ of 140 characters can be directed towards individuals or left open for anyone to respond to. Questions can be easily posed – ‘what do you think of our products?’ – that can help firms find out valuable information that can then be used to drive effective business decisions.

Use Facebook
Whilst Facebook was originally a simple way of connecting with old friends, it’s now become a huge force that allows companies to get their products and services to the right people more easily than ever before. With over half a billion users, it’s by far the World’s largest social network and offers a massive audience that can be marketed to. It’s free to join and free to promote a business, although the more specialised and targeted forms of advertising are paid-for services.

Allow people to share your website
Many of the World’s most popular websites now have an automatic option to share content sitting beneath each news story or new piece of information. This allows users that enjoyed the content to automatically populate their Twitter and Facebook feeds with a direct link to the content, getting your website out to a huge number of people quickly. Without this option, customers that want to share will need to manually place a link to your site in their social networks, which many will not do as it’s a longer time commitment. Integrate sharing options with your site and start to reap the rewards.

Improve customer service
Customer service is at the heart of social media, and it’s important that your company can deliver efficient customer service through social media channels. Getting on Twitter will allow customers to talk to you more easily than ever before, and you must be ready to respond to their questions and comments with professionalism and courtesy. This may mean updating your customer service team or bringing in a more tech-savvy operator if you have traditionally dealt with customers face-to-face.

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