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Five easy ways to improve office working conditions

20th July 2010
Improving working conditions in an office doesn’t have to be an expensive process. With a few small changes staff can feel revitalised, uplifted and highly motivated, increasing productivity, which can be particularly beneficial to companies operating in the competitive post-recession climate.

Staff are very receptive to small changes that make a big difference; making just one or two of these can really improve the working atmosphere in your office.

Provide plenty of fresh water
In larger offices several water coolers will need to be placed strategically; it’s no good if staff have to walk for several minutes to get a glass of water. Research shows that mental performance can drop by up to 10% once thirst is felt, and this continues to fall progressively until adequate water is taken in. If all your staff are dehydrated this can have a huge effect on employee output. Make sure cool, fresh water is supplied constantly.

Provide some colour
Working in a drab, dreary office can quickly get people down. Adding a touch of colour, whether it’s a new paint scheme or some interesting art prints, can brighten everyone’s day and provide a boost at times when they are feeling in a slump. You don’t need to spend a fortune – just a few cheap posters can often do the trick. As long as it’s interesting, it can work wonders.

Purchase some entertainment provisions
Many staff eat lunch at their desks; this can cause a significant drop in productivity as workers get no respite from staring at a monitor, and studies show they need regular breaks to keep concentration at optimal levels. Providing entertainment provisions – such as a table football table or board games – is a great way to get workers away from their desks at lunchtime. That way they can return refreshed and ready to tackle the afternoon’s work.

Add some plants and flowers
Studies show that plants in working environments can improve both worker happiness and productivity levels. Plants not only improve the atmosphere in an office but brighten it up and reduce the ‘stuffy’ feel that so many buildings have. They’re inexpensive and fun to buy; put several around the office and see the effect they have on your staff!

Give the office a spring clean
Dirty, bogged down offices do not inspire employees to think creatively and work productively. Weekly cleans are good ways to keep the office looking good but every once in a while a spring clean can really get it looking its best. Clean the ceilings, windows (inside and out) and other key areas such as the toilets. Not only will your staff be happier but you’ll impress more clients too!
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