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The importance of staff feedback

10th June 2010
Recent research counters what many companies may have believed for years: that staff prefer performance-related bonuses and salary increases to any other form of benefit.

In a study conducted by professional services firm PricewaterhouseCoopers, employees around the country have revealed that what they really crave is a flexible working arrangement. The company found that 47% of respondents considered flexible working the most important benefit of all. Bonuses came second with 19%.

The revelation has been put down to the economic instability that has plagued the United Kingdom over the last two years, during which staff have come to re-evaluate priorities, placing a reduced emphasis on financial gain. The unpredictability of bonuses during the recession has also meant workers have come to seek more tangible benefits.

Companies must ensure they remain aware of staff needs and do not implement policies that counter the wishes of workers. Opening up feedback channels, for example by hosting regular meetings, allow senior management figures to learn what staff are looking for and keep them as happy as possible.

With recent research suggesting employees are not afraid to jump ship if they are not content at their current company, it is essential businesses do not shy away from gathering staff feedback and acting accordingly.

As the economy picks up, this will become very important as competition for market share increases: companies that can integrate successfully with the flexible working culture will be more able to retain highly trained personnel and recruit key talent.
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