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5 top tips to help design a great corporate logo

7th June 2010
Having a strong and easily identifiable brand is one of the most important ingredients of success. But it’s not always easy to develop a robust brand image and name, especially for start ups who may have limited funds available. Yet it’s worth spending that little bit extra time and money on ensuring your brand stands up to scrutiny and can stand its own against your competitors.

One area where you shouldn’t cut corners is your logo. As the most provocative and important client-facing part of your business, your logo represents you and must effectively transmit your intended company message.

Here are five top tips to help design the best logo possible:

Keep it simple
Complicated logos are instantly forgettable as the brain must use up too much power to remember them. Think of the Nike swish or the McDonalds golden arches for examples of simple yet very effective logos. Think analytically and try to come up with a logo that reflects your business in an easy-to-comprehend way. Going overboard will only lead to a bloated logo that does not get across what you want.

Longevity is important
Companies can and do re-brand, but when it comes to logos the changes are often small and do not significantly detract from the original message. Think about your company in 5 years time – will the logo still reflect your products and operations? If not, have a rethink and ensure your logo gets across everything you aim for and stand for.

Adaptability is essential
Logos are designed to be everywhere, not just on letterheads or stationary, so it’s important your logo looks good whether it’s an inch long or twenty feet long. Conduct extensive research to ensure the logo works on all promotional material – an adaptable logo will save you time and money in the long run.

Use colours wisely
Too many colours spoil the broth. It’s very important to limit colour use to perhaps two or three important colours, although depending on your business you may want to use only one. Too many colours can look far too complicated, and will make the logo very expensive to reproduce at the printers.

Be unique
If your logo looks like another company’s logo then you’re already at a disadvantage. Your logo needs to be unique to your business, edgy and impressionable but must not resemble another company’s logo or you risk inadvertently advertising their services. Ensure you know the ‘rules’ of logo design within your industry inside out, then design a unique, fascinating logo that truly suits the brand.

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