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The benefits of commercial property in Bristol

1st June 2010
Commercial property in Bristol offers a host of tangible benefits to businesses looking for a prime location in South West England. Located 105 miles west of London, and 24 miles east of Cardiff, Bristol occupies an enviable location within easy reach of major cities and landmarks. With an extensive travel network that includes both road and rail, executives and staff in the area can rapidly access the areas they need to.

As a member of the Core Cities Group Bristol leads the way in terms of innovation, culture and amenities, and offers a varied mix of facilities to businesses, from business-led developments to vibrant leisure facilities that allow staff to unwind easily.

Two railway stations provide superior access to the rail network: Bristol Temple Meads is located near the centre of the city, while Bristol Parkway is nearer the north. Both are well connected via mainline services and offer rapid transport to all parts of the country, including London and Cardiff.

Bristol International Airport provides air connections to domestic and foreign terminals on a variety of airlines, including mainstream and ‘no frills’ offerings.

In terms of road connections, Bristol is exceptionally well-connected. The M4 motorway connects the town to both London and West Wales, and the M5 from Birmingham to Exeter. The M49 and M32 motorways are also located in the country, providing a range of rapid road transport options for commuters, executives and other members of staff.

Companies looking for a strategic and well-connected location within the South West should consider relocating to Bristol. operates a portfolio of available commercial properties in Bristol – we connect you directly with letting agents, allowing you to negotiate the terms of your lease directly.
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