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When should you relocate your business?

14th May 2010
Relocating your business can be a major decision for any owner. Will your bottom line be hit? Will your staff be unhappy with the changes and suffer reduced productivity at night? It’s only natural to worry about such a major change, and relocations can offer a range of benefits to companies of all sizes.

One of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make is when to undergo the relocation. The immediate thought is to move in your low season – in many cases this will be the best decision but there are a number of issues you should think about before you make a final decision.

When is it best for your staff?
Particularly if your staff are parents this will be important. If you require a lot of input from them then it’s best to move when children are at school – so avoid the summer and Easter holidays, in addition to half-term. Staff will also generally have commitments at weekends (though this is a better time to move for the business than working hours) so if you do decide on a weekend move ensure you tell them well in advance.

When is it best for your clients?

Limiting disruption to business operations is one of the most important things you must do when you relocate. In most situations this means letting your clients see as little of the move as possible apart from the positive benefits that result from the relocation. If you’re closed over Christmas this is a great time to move, or alternatively if your business goes through very slow periods on Thursdays this may also be a good choice.

What complications could I face?

Bank holidays are great for moving because you get more time to complete the move before your clients need you. However, traffic on bank holidays increases rapidly, and you don’t want to setting up your office through the night. Moving companies also charge more on bank holidays – can you justify the extra expense? Complications may also include unexpected rain that could delay your move by hours. If you decide to move on a weekend this could mean the client-facing side of your business isn’t up and running by Monday, which may impact profitability.

Good luck deciding on your relocation date – if you’re struggling to come up with a definitive time then consider phoning up a dedicated office removals company and asking their opinion. Many have years of experience in the sector and can provide you with individualised and reliable advice that will help make your decision easier.
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