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Handling removals day – five things you should expect

29th April 2010
For many managers removals day can be one of the most stressful experiences in the company calendar. After all, you’re not sure what to expect and are worried the move could affect your productivity. In many cases this fear is largely due to the unknown – you’re not sure how removals day will pan out and what you’ll be left with at the end of the day.

It’s a normal, understandable worry. But to make things easier, here are five things you should expect on removals day to help you prepare as early as possible and take everything in your stride.

Your office will look like a mess
Only temporarily, of course – but it’s hard to dismantle and move an entire business without creating a little bit of mess. Remember your office removals company are experts at what they do and have experience moving businesses. It may not look like the way you’d do it, but it’s the most efficient way to do things. Let them get on with while you do your tasks, such as dealing with staff.

Delays will happen
If you’ve prepared properly, such as getting the keys for your new place and ensuring all utilities are switched on, then the chance of major things going wrong will lessen. But smaller things will always go wrong – the kettle won’t work, the desks may not fit, something could be the wrong size. Don’t blame yourself, as perfect moves are impossible. By moving at the right time you give yourself enough time to correct these issues before the company goes live again.

Your business will change
Homeowners moving home frequently report their lives have been changed by the house move, and can’t go back to how they were before. This can cause anger, regret and sadness as the old life is mourned. This can be the same with a business, as your transform your business into its next incarnation and improve its capacity to grow and develop. Remember: it’s all for the best.

Many hands will be needed
There are an infinite number of things on the moving day to-do list, and it’s best to have more people than you need than not enough. From securing important documents to making sure everyone is fed and watered it’s essential to have individuals dedicated to specific jobs so you ensure everything is done. If need be, ask staff to come in then give them a half day off to say thank you – they’ll certainly appreciate it.

The weather can change the plan quickly
Always keep an eye on the weather forecast as it can quickly change how your day goes ahead. If it begins to pour then you may have to delay the move. Remember to pack sensitive equipment, such as printers and computers, in waterproof materials and boxes so they can be moved in an emergency. Ensure access to the new office is easily accessible to help prevent delays at the other end.
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