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Relocation - a great time to streamline your IT infrastructure

22nd April 2010
Relocating is an exciting time for any business – it’s the perfect chance to make positive changes to the direction of the company and ensure it remains profitable for years to come. One of the areas where change will be most applicable is IT infrastructure, where small and large adjustments can dramatically increase the efficiency of your operations and keep both staff and clients happy. In today’s companies IT systems are essential networks that keep operations running smoothly and without them businesses would quickly grind to a halt.

So when you move, consider making some upgrades to your IT systems to improve the overall potential of the company. Relocation really is the best time to carry out these upgrades as you’re moving your computers and devices regardless.

Here are 5 top upgrades you should consider:

Print functionality
Printers use up to 60% of an office’s energy needs and inefficient print functionality can dramatically reduce staff satisfaction and the company’s ability to deliver. Streamlining your print devices can not only reduce energy costs but also increase the quality of products delivered and also make overall operations far more time-effective. For example, many of the latest devices allow you to scan directly to an email address meaning you’re able to work with your documents quicker than ever before.

Network connectivity
Using proprietary or non-standard protocols can often limit the ability of your network to interface correctly. By employing a network engineer to streamline your network – including the data routes traffic will take – not only is data routed far more efficiently between your terminals but your device efficiency may also be improved.

Internet connection
Slow internet stifles employee productivity. Not only due to the obvious fact that slow web pages mean time is wasted waiting for them to load, but also because staff become frustrated very easily and find it harder to concentrate on their workload. Upgrading your internet connection – not only in terms of speed but also contention ratio and upload capabilities – will increase productivity in a whole host of areas.

Computer screens

Any staff member will tell you – working with a poor monitor can really test your eyes and decrease your productivity as you cannot concentrate on it for long periods of time. Investing in computer screens that are ideal for work is a great long-term investment as it instantly improves everyone’s productivity and increases staff satisfaction in your ability to provide the right tools and devices to help them work efficiently.

Telephony network
In most companies the telephony network will be the main client-facing part of the business. A poor network can incense customers who find it hard to get through to you, and bad connectivity can put across a negative viewpoint of your company if the line is crackly or incoherent. So take the time to analyse your current network, look for weaknesses and improve them as you move.
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