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Five things you should be saying on Twitter

15th April 2010
Five things you should be saying on Twitter

All businesses have probably heard how important Twitter can be to the success of their online campaigns. But social media doesn’t only depend on being in the right avenues but also saying the right things. Connecting with your customers is an art form and must be conducted properly to ensure they are responsive to your requests, and take on board what you want to say.

Here are five things to say to really connect with them through your tweets:

“How are we doing?”
Feedback can be hard to swallow if it’s overly critical but learning about negative perceptions early can be better for your company in the long run. That way you know what you need to fix. Alternatively you may get positive feedback from your clients, and be able to push forward the positive and well-received aspects of your company to a greater range of clients. Either way you win.

“What should we do?”
Projections for the future should always take into account your customers but it can be hard to know exactly what they want and how they want your services to develop. By asking them what they want you get direct response feedback that can be acted upon with positive effect. And if your customers tell you they want it, you know you’ve got the market when it comes to promotion.

“What do you want to know?”
As a leader in your industry you have a wealth of knowledge and experience that can be given out. Customers love to feel cared for, and if they know you’re on hand to offer them support, guidance and expert knowledge they are more likely to become regular clients. You don’t have to reveal trade secrets – just give help where it is needed.

“What has your attention?”

Find out the latest trends in seconds by asking people what is captivating them at the moment. Use this to plan your marketing campaigns and feed the data into research and development to ensure your products keep up with the cultural pace.

Be a human
In today’s world of faceless corporations most customers want to see a little humanity in the companies they deal with. So say something human-like on Twitter and watch as customers warm to you. Tell them how you’re doing, if there are any birth announcements in your office, even where you went for lunch that day – it’s all great for relationship building.
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