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5 new business ideas in 2012

19th April 2012
If you are an entrepreneur looking for some fresh inspiration for the spring why not read on about five of the most innovative business ideas in 2012 so far from countries based in all four corners of the globe. Let’s hope this whets your appetite and gives you the inspiration to take your own ideas and thoughts to market!

No more potholes

With the condition of UK roads still very poor in some areas of the country potholes are still rife, posing a potential threat to vehicles on a daily basis. It would appear the problem also exists across the Atlantic in the United States following the development of Street Bump – a mobile app that detects and reports potholes automatically allowing the local authorities to take action more effectively. Anything that can potentially save motorists money and heartache is bound to be a winner!

A font of knowledge

Dutch designers, StudioStudio have certainly been busy in front of their computers and dyslexics around the world will definitely be appreciative of their efforts! An innovative new font designed for readers with dyslexia is to be rolled out to help sufferers read more easily and with fewer problems. The power of design is alive and kicking with this concept. Are you a designer or the head of a team of designers looking for inspirational office space to let? You’ll find our extensive portfolio extremely attractive at

Putting apps to good use in medicine

It is utterly fascinating to see mobile app developers not only create entertainment content but to put apps to good use as a medical tool. The awe-inspiring Skin Scan is an iPhone app that accurately analyses and monitors for melanoma, spotting the potential threats of growths and moles by identifying abnormal growth patterns of tissues.

Allotments at home

In an effort to make urban gardening a more attractive proposition for young professionals Allotinabox has been designed to help people grow their own vegetables at home regardless of the size of their garden! The boxes include organic seeds of an excellent variety as well as an informative guide telling customers when to sow and harvest!

Fancy yourself as a football manager?

If you want further proof of the interest in mobile apps then take a look at Mexican second division football club, Murcielagos FC, who have decided to save money on a manager and coaching staff by allowing their supporters to make all the important decisions themselves via the mobile app. Fans can select the starting XI for the next game, make changes to tactics in-game and even choose which players are awarded bonuses!

If anything these success stories suggest innovation is celebrated more than ever. Take that entrepreneurial spirit and secure some inspirational business space to rent here at with no middleman charges and the ability to get started instantly.
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