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Commercial property security concerns due to longer daylight, say BSIA

28th March 2012
The British Security Industry Association (BSIA) has warned UK commercial property owners to take into consideration the changing requirements of their premises’ security systems due to the return of British Summer Time last weekend.

The BSIA is concerned that workplaces will be targeted more readily by thieves and vandals, with properties left vacant for longer hours due to summer holidays and generally spending greater time outside the office.

James Kelly, chief executive of the BSIA, added: “Although winter has historically been a more productive time of the year for opportunistic criminals, a complacent approach to security during the lighter months can also cost businesses, as well as individuals, considerably.

“With Easter, bank holidays and the summer season to look forward to, this time of the year usually sees more people away on holidays or generally spending more of their time outdoors, often leaving properties vacant for longer hours, putting them at greater risk.”

There are numerous measures commercial property tenants and owners themselves can do to reduce the likelihood of such incidents occurring.

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