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Top tips for businesses relocating

13th April 2010
For most businesses, a move can provide valuable public relations and marketing opportunities, reinforcing existing relationships with clients and customers, whilst attracting new ones. However, a move can undesirably be time consuming and needs much careful planning.

Follow these simple tips to help make your relocating as stress free as possible.

• Make sure all negotiations with the new landlord are finalised, whether remodelling is required, space needs, pricing or ensuring your electrical requirements are met.
• Transfer or replace the existing company phone number and schedule phone and broadband installation for the new property.
• For future needs and requirements for the business it is a good idea to have all business cards, letterheads and other artwork prepared with new contact details.
• Outline and draw up the new office space, for the design of the layout. This will help on the move in day, as it will be clearly statement where all the furniture will be placed.
• Remove unwanted files and throw out old material. However, with the required data, back it up onto disks and/or an external hard-drive.
• Arrange extra help for the move, it can make the move that much quicker and easier.
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