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How online competitions can raise brand awareness

17th February 2012
The primary aim of creating an online competition is to improve sales and brand awareness in the majority of consumer markets. For many months online marketers have been engaging with social media to run online competitions that not only drive traffic to their client’s website but effectively encourage word of mouth for the brand.

Online competitions can be a much underrated aspect of a successful marketing campaign, allowing even the smallest of businesses to gain new customers, develop loyalty to their brand and encourage repeat purchases from existing customers.

To many businesses this form of digital marketing may still feel very new and daunting, but there are a number of digital marketers who have already jumped on board with this concept, with competitions driven through Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.

One benefit of Facebook competitions in particular is that a user must ‘like’ a business page to enter any competition. This gives businesses an unexpected contact list with which to send future marketing material to should you so wish.

As long as your businesses’ online competition is fun and creative you should be able to encourage users to engage with your quiz or contest. The quick acid test is to put your own consumer hat on and see if you would want to enter – the chances are if you don’t want to it is highly likely no-one else will either.

The trap some businesses fall into with regards to their social media marketing is to give their loyal fan base too much, too soon. By rewarding customers with regular competitions and discounts they begin to expect exclusive, money-saving deals.

To guard against this businesses should engage with their customers via social media in a variety of ways. Create discussion and debate interspersed with financial incentives that will keep your competitions fresh and exciting.

Launching an online competition may be a fun marketing ploy for your business but it is still aimed at achieving a specific marketing goal. Measuring the success of your competitions is important to ascertain the impact on brand engagement and on-site conversions. This can be achieved via Google Analytics or any other sophisticated social media tracking tools on the market.

Make sure your online competitions work well both for you and your customers.

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