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Five top tips to help you recruit for your business

23rd January 2012
The success of any small business is not only focused on its product or service, it also involves employing the right staff to push the business in the right direction. Hiring and firing is an art form in itself. Get the recruitment process wrong and there can be serious consequences for any business.

Here are some useful pointers to help SMEs when looking to add to their workforce to take their business to the next level.

Make job descriptions clear and concise

If you have a position available in your business it is important to advertise your vacancy to the best of your ability, stating the skills and knowledge required to do the job successfully. It is important to let applicants know the demands that will be placed upon them. If the role includes unsociable working hours it is important this is made aware to applicants as this may prove a stumbling block for people with social or family commitments.

Advertise across various mediums

If your recruitment budget is relatively small you needn’t worry. It is easier than ever to advertise your job vacancies across a number of mediums online. The advent of social media has made it incredibly straightforward to post your vacancies across Facebook, Twitter and even LinkedIn, all free of charge.

Make the most of interviews

It can be all too easy to fall for the charm and skills of an applicant just by their air-brushed CV. That’s why it is important to conduct a thorough interview to ascertain a candidate’s genuine suitability for the role. You may consider implementing a skills test as part of the interview to challenge their aptitude on the spot.

Set an evaluation criteria

If you are fortunate enough to have a number of good candidates apply for your vacancies it makes sense to evaluate each candidate using set criteria. Why not ask the same set of questions to each applicant and assess their responses against the job description. This guards against discrimination claims, enabling you to prove you have objectively assessed each individual candidate.

Keep on top of paperwork

It is essential as a small business that you check each and every candidate you consider is eligible to work in the UK. If you are found to be employing someone ineligible you are liable to be fined. When recruiting you should also be prepared to give feedback to unsuccessful interviewees – not doing so can leave you open to further claims of rejection for discriminatory reasons.

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