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5 ways you can improve your business when you relocate

22nd July 2010
Office relocations are a great time to rethink your strategies and improve the overall efficiency of your operations. By pruning the least productive processes and transferring over the most efficient your business can benefit from a facelift that really energizes your staff and increases your profitability in the short and long-term.

Here are five of the best ways you can improve your business when you relocate:

Improve your IT systems
If you’re working with age old machines it can be a nightmare, but switching computers in your old office can be even harder when you have to rip out cables and even replace desks. Installing updated machines in your new office before you move in is a much better idea. Your clients will be happier when their details get called up quicker too.

Improve your print functionality
Printers and related devices zap a massive 1/3 of the energy consumed by the average office. By streamlining your fleet and taking advantages of Managed Print Services you can decrease the energy your printers require to run in addition to benefiting from a host of other benefits. Calls to the helpdesk from frustrated staff will decrease, and consumables will be ordered automatically saving you time. Even simple measures such as turning devices off at night can help reduce your energy bill.

Modernise your HR function
Procedures and provisions are designed to help your staff fit with company culture as easily as possible, and ensure your brand image is reflected in all areas of the business. Give your staff a morale boost and modernise your image by redrafting HR procedures and company documents.

Talk to your clients
Ask them what they would like to see happen in your business. Relocating is a great time to update your brand and services so you may want to consider what extra products you could offer and accommodate them in your new office. That way you can help ensure you stay one step ahead of the competition.

Talk to your staff
If your staff are unhappy your business efficiency falls considerably. Now is a great time to talk to them and find out what aspects of the business they would like to see improved. Improving them as you move is a great way to increase staff morale and also improve their productivity. offers offices to rent around the country so if you’re looking to relocate your business please visit our bespoke website today.
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