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Three benefits of corporate blogging

16th December 2011
Corporate blogs can add considerable value to a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME), particularly if they are created in such a way that it engages with customers and provides them with an additional selling platform.

Blogging gives small businesses an opportunity to freely share ideas and concepts, generating trust among like-minded professionals which may lead to potential business opportunities in the future.

There are a number of benefits to managing a corporate blog. It is a great way of receiving instant feedback and comments about certain ideas, products and services. SMEs can subsequently react and evolve to the demands of their target market.

Emphasise your expertise in your sector

Take the time to outline your business thoughts on your corporate blog and impress upon potential clients your expertise and enthusiasm for your sector. Not only does a corporate blog give you an opportunity to think about important issues more deeply, by sharing tips and advice to people in the wider professional community visitors are more likely to return to gain value from your knowledge as a thought leader in your industry.

Improved customer service

The instant nature of online blogging means it is considered by many corporate businesses to be a legitimate direct communications channel. Encourage feedback from your customers and show willing to understand their needs and concerns. A corporate blog has a global reach, with the ability to give all of your customers a service they love, encouraging them to spread the word.

An effective search engine marketing (SEM) tool

Not only do blogs humanise a corporate website, they are also a very effective search engine marketing tool. A regularly updated corporate blog is a magnet for search engine traffic, with the ability to create a bank of keyword rich articles for your customers and the wider world within a matter of weeks. Content is king for search engine spiders. Therefore an effective corporate blog with a good internal linking structure to the rest of your website will be looked upon favourably by Google and other search engines.

Corporate blogging is one of the most effective ways a company can maintain its transparency to customers. In a more casual environment a company can interact with clients, discuss future plans and analyse current market trends as an honest, forward-thinking organisation.

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