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4 tips to boost your recruitment drive

18th November 2011
Small firms looking to expand their horizons and embrace the capabilities of their company may require a recruitment drive to secure candidates that match their vision and working values.

If you need to refocus your company’s own recruitment processes, you are not alone. There is no right or wrong way of dealing with the challenges of the economic climate and the abundance of potential applicants. But it is important that you know the direction you want to take your business and the values and culture you would like to create within the workplace.

Here are four top tips to boost your businesses’ recruitment drive and secure new employees that can make a significant contribution.

Shout about your business

It would be foolish not to advertise and shout about the advantages and attractions of your business when recruiting. Anything that can help your company appear in a positive light in contrast to its competitors should be promoted and talked up as much as possible. Any recruitment ads you place should highlight the strengths of your company from an employee’s point of view, discussing anything from company benefits to current clients.

Cast your net with recruitment agencies and consultants

There are many avenues a business can take when setting the wheels in motion for a recruitment campaign. You may have a tried and trusted method of receiving applicants be it through newspaper ads or word of mouth. However, to give your business the best chance of recruiting the right employers you should spread your net as far and wide as possible. Online and offline recruitment agencies and consultancies are a great way of gaining local, national and even international exposure. There are many agencies out there that will cater directly to employees within your industry.

Ask employees for potential candidate suggestions

Don’t be afraid to involve your current employees in the recruitment process. It is more than plausible they will be able to recommend a number of excellent potential candidates through social and work circles. They will also be able to provide you with invaluable insight as to their potential fit within your company.

Advertise using your own website

Your company website should clearly portray the vision, work ethic and products of your business and as a result is one of the most underrated ways to advertise for new recruits. Create your own employment or careers section to publicise available positions with the necessary contact information. Your own website is your chance to shine to new recruits as well as new clients!

Great recruitment results won’t necessarily happen overnight, but by sticking to a logical approach your business will soon reap the rewards.

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