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Is your web presence strong enough?

5th April 2010
All businesses know how important the online marketplace is and it's rare to find a company nowadays that doesn't own and operate a website. But unless the proper mix of marketing, promotion, informative content and a killer design is there the website is unlikely to achieve as many conversions as the company would like.

However, building a good web presence is not rocket science. Here are some of the ways to improve yours:

Get a good domain

Nowadays it’s so quick and easy to set up a blog on a hosted website that many companies opt to do this rather than get their own, unique domain name. Yet the same rules apply now as they did 10 years ago: a smart, effective domain name looks very good, and helps increase the authority of your services when people search for you. So take some time to pick the right one.

Start a blog

In today’s world of faceless corporations the personal touch goes a long way when it comes to connecting with your visitors and increasing the likelihood of them turning into clients. Your blog should stand out and offer good quality advice on a variety of issues you work with. In addition your blog also allows the major search engines to more effectively see the range of services you offer, increasing the relevancy of your visitors.

Don’t ignore social media

Over the last few years the way relationships are formed and negotiated online has changed considerably. Powerful platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, have the ability to instantly connect like-minded people around the globe. Without a verifiable social media presence you risk losing valuable market share to competitors. You don’t need to be everywhere; just the places your customers are most likely to be.

Keep an eye on the reviews

Companies lose business daily through negative online reviews. People are more likely to leave reviews if they dislike your product than if they love it, so there could be a host of bad press about you online that you’re simply unaware of. Keep up to date with what people are saying, respond to them and aim to redress concerns. People will realise you actually care about your customers.

Answer your emails

There’s nothing worse than a company that isn’t on the ball. Respond to your emails quickly and helpfully; your customers will realise you’re a responsible company that won’t let them down. And that’ll make them want to buy from you, which is exactly where you want them to be. The same goes for responding to blog post comments.

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