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Guide to managing a satellite office

18th October 2011
So your business is developing at a rate quicker than you had ever imagined and a host of new opportunities are on the horizon – what do you do? A satellite office can help expand your business presence either in the same region or further afield – some even take their business overseas to expand their brand.

Whether you are looking to create and manage a satellite office simply for more office space, to better service clients in a particular area or to even tap into new emerging markets, before jumping headfirst into planning a satellite office it is important to consider the procedures for creating a new branch office.

Providing a better service
The main consideration for the success of a satellite office is if your business can provide a better service than its competitors. Be sure to evaluate the pros and cons of taking on competitors and whether you can provide the same, if not better, quality of service. A satellite office may be even more profitable if you are bringing a market to a new region with no competition whatsoever.

Travel costs
Do you find a majority of your workforce has to commute long journeys just to reach the office? If travel costs are becoming exorbitant you may consider setting up an office closer to your workforce to improve their working conditions as well as potentially servicing new and existing clients in a cost-effective fashion.

Taking your product global
With the advent of technology businesses are closer than ever before and that’s what encourages so many businesses to take their brand or product overseas. If your company’s product has a strong brand and potential to resonate with other nationalities and cultures then branching out worldwide will not feel like such a significant move. You should however be sure that your business can manage the running costs of more than one office and potentially overseas.

Expanding your business into new markets can be a truly exciting time and potentially very profitable if you do your research and manage to attract new overseas workforces to enhance your business presence. Working abroad or even on the other side of country can bring a new perspective and add a new dimension to your business offering.

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