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The importance of commercial property insurance

23rd March 2010
Businesses were recently urged to ensure they acquire adequate insurance policies on their commercial properties, particularly those that remain vacant temporarily.

Many commercial properties in the United Kingdom are reported to have insufficient coverage despite a significantly increased risk of malicious damage and arson attacks in the current economic climate.

Small and medium sized enterprises are especially at risk, as many do not currently have the assets available to repair damage to property and operations in the aftermath of an incident.

In addition, reports suggest insurers are applying stricter criteria to payouts as more and more claims are made due to the economic climate and the recent spates of cold weather.

Companies that take out insurance policies must also ensure they comply with regulations to ensure they receive full payouts if and when necessary. Non-compliance is dangerous to SMEs who risk bankruptcy if a major incident takes place. connects you directly with lending agents who will be able to advise you on suitable insurance policies for their properties.
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