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Five things your website should say about your business

5th September 2011
A company website can no longer be a bland page with contact details, it has to sell your products and services and create the right impression for potential customers.

For small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) websites are possibly now the most important marketing tool. Your online marketing strategy is increasingly just as important as your offline campaigns. Therefore there are a number of things your business website should say in order to deliver results and increase your cash flow.

Contact details
In many cases your website will be the first port of call for many potential customers. This is most certainly the case if your products or services are only available online. Therefore, your business should have its contact details displayed in as many places as possible. Aim to provide customers with a telephone number as many people prefer to speak to a human rather than send enquiries/complaints via email.

The success of e-commerce has resulted in a number of online retailers beginning to outperform their high street competitors simply because of an efficient online store. Giving consumers the opportunity to buy online not only increases your potential client base, it allows you to cash in on impulse purchases 24/7.

Effective navigation
You may have an outstanding product or service but if your customers cannot find the information they require they are likely to go elsewhere. To deliver profitable results your website should have an uncomplicated, logical navigation design ensuring customers can not only find answers to their questions but if you offer an online store they can add to their shopping basket and checkout with confidence.

How your business is unique
It is important to provide your customers with a reason to shop with you as opposed to a competitor. Who are you? What sets your business apart from the rest? This is the kind of information a savvy shopper will want to know before parting with their cash. Be sure to mention your experience, expertise and any particular attributes that sets your business apart from others.

In order to direct your customers to the checkout you should ensure your visitors have clear calls to action. This is a weakness of some small business sites as they simply don’t present them clearly enough or place enough emphasis on their wording. Avoid being too dry with your copy – be short and snappy and keep their attention. If you have a captive audience now is the time to keep them on the hook!

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