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What can a Facebook page do for your business?

23rd August 2011
Facebook can do great things for your business in terms of promotion and social media marketing. It has never been easier to set up a Facebook page to market your business and whether you are a global corporation or a fledgling business start-up it can enhance your brand and improve your business presence on the web.

With over 500 million users on Facebook, the social network is one of the best marketing tools on the planet. The ability to communicate with new and existing customers and clients enables you to get first-hand information across of your latest deals and developing an online personality.

As soon as you implement a Facebook fan page for your company you’ll be able to market your products and services to the entire world.

Popularity = trust
It is also important to consider not just what your company can provide its Facebook fans, but to understand what your fans can do for you. Understandably the more popular your page is the more respected and trusted your brand will become. The success of your Facebook fan page is often a good indicator of your brand’s overall success on the web.

Connect and interact with ‘fans’
Regular interaction is the key to getting your Facebook fan page off the ground. Regularly update your ‘wall’ with content and make a concerted effort to respond to followers and user comments to build a rapport with your potential customer base. Facebook fan pages are a great addition to your customer service setup as fans can post queries and concerns onto your wall, allowing a member of your team to respond in an instant.

A great way to attract fans to your Facebook business page is to incentivise the content within your page. Reward ‘loyal’ Facebook followers with special deals that not only generate business for you, but make your customers feel appreciated in the process.

Promote, promote, promote
It may be hard for your business’ Facebook page to take off without some outside intervention. Promote your page on your company website, inviting all users to join you on Facebook and engage with your brand.

A Facebook page costs nothing for a business to set up and provided it is regularly updated and moderated can provide a valuable source of traffic to your own website.

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