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Guide to the perfect office workstation

9th August 2011
The best office workstations enable employees to work creatively and comfortably to achieve the targets and goals you set. Since we seem to spend an ever-increasing amount of time in front of a computer screen it makes sense to have a workspace that is accommodating and sensitive to your daily needs.

Here are just a few ground rules to work to in order to create the perfect office workstation for your employees, ensuring a happy workforce and great productivity in the process.

Provide sufficient lighting
Effective office lighting is often overlooked by employers when designing an office layout. Employees should have at least two light sources at the workstation – overhead lighting as well as low level task lighting. Natural lighting via windows can also do wonders to improve the mood in the office, although it is important to avoid glare on computer screens that can cause eye strain and headaches.

A neat wiring system
There’s nothing more dangerous or untidy than a messy wiring system. Although your computer requires numerous cables just to perform on a daily basis that does not mean you cannot work without a giant pile of knots strewn across the office floor. Clamp wires to walls to avoid tripping up or bind cords together rather than coping with a web of cabling. The advent of wireless keyboards and mice now reduce the need for wired desktop accessories.

Adequate storage space
How do you tackle the inevitable mass of paperwork that lands on your office desk? Ensure your employees have adequate storage space with draws or trays to file documents, giving them the ability to store and prioritise form-filling as and when they see fit. Depending on floor space you may consider draws or cupboards below desks, which offer discrete storage and avoids clutter on desks.

Ergonomic office furniture
Avoid saving money on budget office furniture and instead purchase comfortable ergonomically-designed office furniture that is proven to stimulate productivity and reduce the number of office-related injuries. Employees who use the computer on a daily basis will surely appreciate furniture that avoids the threat of neck pain and repetitive strain injuries (RSIs).

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