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Five ways to improve the security of your commercial property

19th July 2011
Security in the workplace is of paramount importance, not only to ensure your employees feel safe, but to protect valuable items and sensitive data within the premises.

CCTV security and other security measures are a great way to catch and deter criminals from your business premises as well as giving you peace of mind with continued surveillance of the area.

Here are five further ways of improving the security of your UK business space today.

Key card access
Installing a key card system at main entrances to your premises and other appropriate doors will ensure that only employees and authorised contractors will be allowed access. If you’d rather not issue cards to your workforce you may wish to consider a simple key pad code that can be passed around and used on a day-to-day basis.

Install phones in isolated parts of the building
By installing and connecting phones in isolated areas of your commercial property you will have peace of mind with the ability to contact the relevant emergency services sooner in the event of a robbery, burglary or worse.

Effective outdoor lighting
It is surprising the impact effective outdoor lighting can have upon reducing crime in and around your premises. Install an outdoor lighting system that keeps all doors and entrances extremely well lit and visible to public roads and pathways – this will act as a deterrent to most criminals.

Maintain control of keys
In order to avoid master and any extra keys falling into the wrong hands it is recommended to keep keys locked in a security office with restricted access.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
If you have the budget to install a Closed Circuit Television system, CCTV is certainly one of the best methods of protection for a commercial property - whether it is office space, industrial units or retail space or any other type of commercial premises. With continual video recording of main entrances and access points that are visible to guests and employees you can create an effective deterrent and a safe environment.
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