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Guide to setting up your business’ meeting room

3rd June 2011
The meeting room is one of the most important rooms within a commercial property. For many industries office meetings are a day-to-day occurrence and are a necessity for keeping up-to-date with employee concerns and client demands.

As a result it is important to ensure your business’ meeting room is set up correctly in order to facilitate job interviews, employee catch-ups, corporate meetings, conference calls and more.

Make a good impression
First impressions count when it comes to a meeting room or boardroom. If a client or employee receives a warm welcome and is comfortable the meeting is likely to get off on the right footing. That’s why room layout and amenities are so important when setting up your business’ meeting room.

Table layout
How tables and chairs should be arranged in your meeting room is important in terms of how a meeting or conference is conducted to participants. Conference, theatre and classroom style setups allow for different types of participation and interaction, depending on your daily objectives.

Room lighting
Lighting is an important aspect of a meeting room. You should make a conscious effort not to intimidate people by offering relatively neutral lighting that doesn’t detract from presentations and discussion.

Temperature controls
An uncomfortable meeting room is a sure-fire way of losing client interest. Air conditioning should be installed in your commercial property, particularly for meetings and conferences that last entire mornings or afternoons. By controlling the temperature of the room people are less likely to lose focus at important points of discussion.

Room facilities
When setting up your business’ meeting room you should consider the amenities required to facilitate meetings, conferences and presentations. A projector and a white board are the bare essentials for presentations, while conferences will naturally require a conference telephone with good voice quality allowing input from multiple people.

Your business works hard to secure and hold onto clients, so make the effort to leave a positive imprint on their plans with a competent meeting room setup.
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