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Controlling your business’ stock

11th April 2011
Stock control is one of the most important measures of a business. Without stock sales and manufacturing will effectively become non-existent. Stock control applies to three separate types of produce in business – raw materials, work in progress and stocks of finished products of acceptable condition to be sold to customers.

The principle of effective stock control is to ensure the cost of storing finished products is minimal whilst maintaining good levels of raw materials to continue production and meet consumer demand.

One of the most effective ways of maintaining good control of your business’ stock is to create forecasts for upcoming weeks, months, even years. Although this can often be difficult depending on the fluctuation of markets, it is possible for marketing departments to create a rough guide using sales figures and demand from previous years.

Computer software
Computerised stock control software is now implemented by many businesses as a preferential method to manually checking stock levels. There are many advantages to computerised stock control including the opportunity to integrate with accounting and invoicing systems. Meanwhile software can also be linked to bar coding systems that speed up the processing and recording of stock straight to the computer.

Buffer stock
Most businesses look to use their commercial property to hold ‘buffer’ stock in case of emergencies. Buffer stock is required to cover for unforeseen circumstances such as an unprecedented increase in consumer demand or issues with suppliers that may halt production.

Securing your stock
As well as maintaining correct levels of produce on your premises it is vitally important that it is stored securely. Light industrial units to let can provide businesses with additional storage space and yard space. It is important to identify the most expensive equipment on-site and fit adequate security devices to deter thieves and shoplifters. Most commercial property these days includes CCTV in car parks and other key locations and this too can prevent crime.
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