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Five reasons businesses should have a website

4th April 2011
Whether you’re a one-man band or an evolving organisation, a well-designed website is virtually essential for any business to grow and develop its customer base.

An online marketing strategy is one of the first things a business should consider as it is widely regarded as one of the best return-on-investment moves a company can make. With over 1.5 billion internet users on a global scale, this is an unrivalled customer base to tap into - whatever your niche.

Here are just five core reasons why businesses should have a website:

Online 24/7
Although you will not be working around the clock, your website maintains a constant web presence 24/7, allowing customers to browse and understand the concept of your brand. Online analytics software enables businesses to understand the patterns of activity by customers in order to improve revenue streams.

Develop brand loyalty

A well-written, engaging website can do wonders for developing customer loyalty with your brand. The ability to interact with customers online provides an important line of communication and helps to add legitimacy and trust in your business. Engage with previous customers online in the form of newsletters, special offers and surveys that can improve your perception of the market.

Reduce advertising costs
In the current financial climate a website makes far more economic sense than designing, printing and distributing marketing flyers and brochures. A company website is accessible by people locally, nationwide and globally and gives you an opportunity to showcase products over the web instead with just the cost of creating and hosting your site to consider.

Understand your market
As a small or medium-sized enterprise it is crucial to understand your market at all times. A website is therefore a great way to track impressions of customers with surveys to receive insightful feedback that can help you improve your service both online and offline.

Provide crucial contact details
With so many of us using the internet as a research tool businesses must also consider their website as a directory for customers. Therefore you should provide contact details that they cannot receive from any other media, such as opening hours, a map of your location and detailed directions.

A successful website can add an entirely new dimension to your business and its potential growth. If you are particularly interested in using social media for your business you may wish to read our top tips for developing your business' Facebook presence.

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