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Top tips for developing your business’ Facebook presence

29th March 2011
Aside from the simple fact that Facebook is now the biggest social media platform on the internet, there are multiple reasons why businesses should maintain a healthy Facebook presence. With over 500 million Facebook users you have possibly the biggest online community to tap into and humanise your brand.

Many businesses are still formulating plans to integrate social media simultaneously with their offline marketing plans. But it is important for any small or medium-sized enterprise to consider the following issues before going head first into the process.

Consider your business’ personality
Facebook is possibly the most ‘social’ platform in social media, so be sure that your business marketing style reflects that. You should be willing to make a commitment to connect with industry contacts and your customer base on a regular basis in the form of wall posts, polls and status updates that all help to add credibility to your online brand. If an active social media profile doesn’t sound like your cup of tea then you may wish to consider platforms such as LinkedIn which acts as more of a business directory as opposed to a social network.

Building an online community

The beauty of Facebook is that you can share anything you like to anyone at any time. By building your very own online community around your business you can engage with potential customers through your product or a common interest. By creating attention to your product and brand you can then feed messages to interested users with regards to special offers and discounts to build brand loyalty.

New sources of traffic and advertisement

Facebook drives a significant amount of traffic to its social network and as its fan pages et al. are ranked on Google it is possible to get shown in a greater number of Google searches for keywords related to your brand and product. For businesses with low overheads Facebook offers a unique online marketing portal to develop advertising strategies. And with numerous tracking tools available on the market you can analyse your Facebook visitors and see how much time they spend on your website and generate detailed reports on conversions.

Social media and Facebook in particular is an emerging force and is set to influence the way businesses talk in the years to come. Interested in combining Twitter into your social media strategy? Read our tips on marketing your business using Twitter.

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