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Five ways to maximise the efforts of your workforce

18th March 2011
Businesses up and down the land are increasingly forced to look at new ways of maximising the efficiency of their workforce. The financial constraints following the global recession have seen businesses tighten their belts in terms of staffing budgets. Therefore it has never been more important to maximise the efforts of existing employees.

Recent surveys and studies have indicated that a combination of increased worker motivation and job satisfaction can significantly increase worker output. As a result, many managers are getting creative with their human resource techniques to provide a system that benefits both the company and the employee.

Here are just five simple ways to maximise workforce productivity:

Improve office equipment
In some instances employees are limited to the amount of work they can complete because the office equipment at their disposal is antiquated or regularly requires repair. Therefore consider investing in new, innovative office equipment that meets the latest industry demands.

Promotions from within
There is no greater incentive for employees to see their company show a willingness to promote from within. It gives them a carrot to work hard and become an indispensable member of the team. By promoting from within businesses can avoid unwanted recruitment agency fees and rest safe in the knowledge they know the personality and temperament of existing staff promoted from within.

Award outstanding employees

Many employees are motivated by the prospect of social recognition. Receiving an award for particularly outstanding work is an excellent way to increase the efficiency of your workforce. These honours may be presented in the form of certificates, prizes or even something as simple as an extended lunch break.

Adequate rest breaks
Handing your employees adequate rest breaks is a key factor in maintaining team morale and boosting productivity. Having regular breaks enables employees to keep their mind fresh and focused until the next break.

Regular team meetings

One of the best ways to maximise the efficiency of your workforce is to arrange regular team meetings ensuring every employee knows their role and that their contribution is respected and valued.

It is very important not only to attract and recruit new staff, but to reward and retain your existing workforce.

If you are looking for new and innovative ways to reward your staff then take some time to read our four ways to reward high performing employees.
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