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4th March 2011
Former minister Lord Davies of Abersoch has called on FTSE 350 companies to increase the percentage of women in the boardroom to 25 per cent in the next four years.

Lord Davies has urged chairmen to give “more talented and gifted women” an opportunity at getting top jobs. supports the needs for a diverse talent pool ensuring businesses do not miss out on the vast array of talent at their disposal.

“Currently 18 FTSE 100 companies have no female directors at all and nearly half of all FTSE 250 companies do not have a woman in the boardroom.

“Radical change is needed in the mind-set of the business community if we are to implement the scale of change that is needed,” said Lord Davies.

There were numerous recommendations to come out of the report, with one of the most significant suggestions being an insistence that quoted companies should be required to disclose the proportion of women on their board, women in senior executive positions and female employees in their whole company.

Meanwhile recruitment firms have also been targeted by the report, urging firms to draw up a voluntary code of conduct that addresses the issue of gender diversity in the workplace and the best practice for covering FTSE 350 board level appointments.

While the report does not recommend imposing employment quotas, Lord Davies has stressed the importance of businesses making a concerted effort to use female talent. Businesses should also consider women for promotion to executive committees, providing a more diverse workforce to recruit female non-directors from.

Flexible top-level part-time roles for women have also been encouraged, allowing women to continue to work whilst maintaining an active role in family life. Motherhood provides extra responsibilities, but many senior women successfully combine working and family roles.

The issue has been tackled using more draconian measures overseas. Public and state-owned companies in Norway must have at least 40 per cent of women representatives. Any businesses refusing to comply are liable for liquidation by the Norwegian government.

Britain is trying to promote a positive attitude towards diversity in the boardroom and teamwork in the workplace is also a much desired skill in corporate environments. Read our five ways to encourage teamwork for improved results and team morale.

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