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Planning your office space

24th February 2011
In the current financial climate corporate entities around the globe are fighting the rising costs of prime commercial office space.

Consequently many businesses are looking into alternative methods of maximising the office space available.

Making the best possible use of office space allows businesses to expand without the need for moving office or renting extra premium office space.

Read on for some useful tips to ensure the efficient use of valuable office space:

Plan around your office equipment
Your initial consideration should be the amount of space your office equipment requires. Practically speaking an individual workstation used to be measured 8’ x 8’. However, as a result of rising real estate costs many offices have reduced this to 7’ x 7’.

What is the office space being used for?
Determining the day-to-day use of your office space will help you ascertain whether the function is going to work for you and your office design. For example, a media company should consider the practicalities of access to meeting and conference rooms that will be used regularly for client interaction.

Be imaginative with storage items
Shelves, towers, tables and trays should all be used imaginatively to maximise the free space around the office. Storage should still remain easily accessible to complete necessary administration duties.

Make good use of vertical space
If your budget is as limited as your office space then look to ensure good use of vertical space. Suggest office accessories such as overhead bins, shelves and holders that can often reduce clutter and leave valuable floor space free.

Hire an architect to suggest a redesign

The use of architects is usually an expensive business but it may be prudent to hire one to help in the office planning stage. In fact it may be helpful to hire both an architect and a contractor to make the planning process swift and straightforward.

The ever-changing business environment means that organisations should be flexible to enhance their office space. Office equipment that may have been considered state-of-the-art a few years ago now may already appear dated and oversized. Businesses must regularly conduct an office assessment to ensure on-site equipment and amenities meet their requirements.

Improve your office environment whilst keeping your finger on the pulse with additional ways to improve employee performance.
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