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Marketing your business using Twitter

1st February 2011
Whatever the size of your business or marketing department you may have heard about the power of Twitter as an online marketing channel. Many businesses around the world use sophisticated methods to turn their Twitter accounts into money-making, brand building campaigns.

During the infancy of a business Twitter campaign driving traffic to your website/blog is the main goal. It is by far the simplest social networking and micro-blogging service, with the ability to communicate with others in less than 140 characters.

Create an accurate profile

It is important to make a favourable impression to potential consumers. An accurate profile with relevant contact information and a branded Twitter page theme will help visitors take you seriously.

“Follow” the right people

Twitter is a great way to network with experts and analysts in your field. Begin your Twitter marketing campaign by finding and “following” industry contacts as well as any trade publications that can provide positive coverage. It is worth keeping in mind that consumers will also find you on their Twitter travels so maintaining an accurate profile is ever more important.

Provide value to your followers

Ensuring followers are gaining value from your “tweets” should also be a primary concern when marketing your business using Twitter. Always remember that you are talking to an online audience. Provide a daily dose of expert advice or an exclusive offer to not only appease your existing followers but attract new ones too.

Promote new products or services

The moment you do have a new product or service to write about don’t hesitate to promote with just a single tweet! The concise nature of Twitter means that your short message may soon be “re-tweeted” by your followers helping to spread the word.

Use Twitter tools to monitor and participate

Ensure that you familiarise yourself with the latest Twitter tools to speed up interaction with followers and monitor “tweets” and direct messages. TweetDeck is just one of many all-in-one resources that enable you to schedule “tweets”, find new followers and help to humanise your brand.

By converting your customers into advocates of your brand you’re working towards a mass of followers spreading your message.

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