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20th February 2010
If you’re looking to relocate your organisation, now is a great time to look to the commercial property market. Commercial property prices have fell up to 45% over the past two years, making now a strategic time for investment before prices pick up again.’s advanced functionality can give organisations looking to relocate in the near future the tools and direction needed to find the most cost-effective solution to suit company strategy and goals. We allow commercial property operators throughout London and the United Kingdom to list their portfolios on our website, creating a central repository of commercial properties complete with powerful search functionality. This allows you to quickly find the most appropriate solutions for your needs based on detailed criteria that you can specify.

If you wish to enquire about a specific property, you can then submit your request to us. We immediately pass your details onto the operator who owns the property in question, and you deal with them directly. We charge no middleman fees.

Take advantage of the favourable market conditions today and search our vast portfolio in seconds. Just click on the Home button above and fill in one simple form.

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