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Four ways for managers to connect more efficiently with staff

14th January 2011
Recent research suggests employees have more faith in managers than in 2009, a positive sign for operational efficiency as a whole. Employees that trust their managers often show increased motivation, productivity and output as a result, and are more likely to take part in the creative process as a team-player.

It’s essential that businesses work to continue this trend; companies are expected to face significant challenges in 2011, such as the VAT rise and the consequences of the Government’s Comprehensive Spending Review. Engaged and motivated staff will be essential if firms are to make the most of market conditions and emerge profitably in the latter half of the year.

Connecting more efficiently with staff is an easy and proactive way to maintain this motivation. Here are four routes you can take to do so:

Make time for more 1 to 1 meetings

Some people don’t like discussing feelings in a group, which is why 1 to 1 meetings work very well when it comes to learning more about your employees’ needs and wishes. You can also learn more about them personally, which is key to developing a close working relationship. Monthly 1 to 1s can work well, although if you find your employees want to talk more often, you can always move to fortnightly appointments.

Organise more social outings

It’s important that employees view managers as social, engaging creatures. Social outings help bond workforces and give managers a chance to converse with employees on a more personal level, which can be difficult in the office. Make sure everyone is happy with the type of outing; sometimes it’s better just to organise a meal in the evening rather than an event at the weekend when workers are more likely to spend time with their families.

Get more involved in each employee’s workload

Some managers take a hands-off approach, providing basic support but never really getting too involved with employee workloads. Many staff prefer having a manager who is more hands-on and shows a genuine interest in their work; this can help foster a relationship based on trust and reciprocal interest which can increase productivity amongst all parties.

Speak more openly

Many managers feel they must adopt corporate personas or they will not be taken seriously but staff often want a more ‘human’ boss that isn’t afraid to admit to having problems and requiring help. Consider how managers come across to employees; if there is an obvious effort to adopt a specific persona, this can prevent natural bonding.

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