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Four ways to improve employee performance

9th December 2010
Improving employee performance is something all businesses would like to achieve, but finding the right ways to do so can often seem like an impossible task. However there’s no better time to go after internal efficiencies and increase employee output; as the economy continues to fluctuate, companies that can generate higher profitability even in the face of reduced supply and demand will find their share of the market increasing, as well as finding new opportunities to exploit.

Higher salaries

Although employees do respond well to more innovative incentives, such as flexible working, one of the key indicators of drive and motivation always tends to be salary. If workers feel underpaid it’s likely they will not be completely productive, particularly if they have worked at the organisation for some time. Giving staff a pay rise shows not only that you are thinking of them but also that you value their input, which is often enough to spur them on and increase performance at all levels.

More exciting projects

Doing the same work regularly can quickly zap an employee’s performance and decrease not only their output but also the quality of their work. By providing more exciting work, and also getting them involved in more senior decisions and projects, you make them realise how much the company values their input and skills, which can encourage idea forming and performance increases. And don’t forget, the more you allow an employee to shine the more it’s likely they will surprise and impress you with their performance.

Flexible benefits

With more and more research suggesting employees value non-financial benefits highly, many of the World’s top companies are seeing great performance increases by implementing flexible working procedures and other key initiatives. The best thing to do is ask staff what type of benefits they would value the most. Common answers will be flexible and mobile working, options to buy more holiday and coffee breaks. By asking opinions you guarantee your policies will be met with approval, reducing the chance of a poor ROI.

Greater awareness of health and wellbeing

Mental health and stress are huge de-motivators and can affect performance more than any other issue. Understanding how personal problems can affect employee productivity and allowing staff time off when they experience significant issues can increase their productivity in the long-term. It’s also important to be available on a personal level if they need to discuss anything, and also provide emotional support in the workplace, for example via a counselling line. If employees feel supported, and able to act like themselves, their ability to work productively improves.
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