Technologiepark Kicrhheim (ref: Sirius27)

Neue Straße 95, Kirchheim, 73230

Technologiepark Kicrhheim -

36 buildings with great possibilities
•Flexible Gewerbeimmobilien auf dem 100.000 m² großen Grundstück
•Moderne Büros mit flexiblen Grundrissen
•Ebenerdige Produktionsflächen von der Werkstatt bis zur großen Halle
•Sichere, leicht andienbare Lagerflächen in den verschiedensten Größen
•Potenzial für Neubauten nach Maß
•Kombinierbarkeit der Flächen
•Sehr gute Infrastruktur und Verkehrsanbindung
•Center Management, Sicherheitsdienst und Parkplätze 

Indicative size range

From 269 sq ft (25 sq m)

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Type of space

  • General Storage
  • Industrial
  • Offices
  • Self Storage


  • Busimess Services
  • Center Manager
  • Meeting rooms
  • Parking
  • Reception
  • Security Service

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Easily accessible commercial premises
 Sirius Technologiepark Kirchheim is located in a fully developed industrial estate housing a variety of large and small companies. Neue Strasse itself is located in a rural area, surrounded by other businesses and several small villages, and Kirchheim – or to give it its full name, Kirchheim unter Teck – is just 25 kilometres southeast of Stuttgart.

GETTING THERE: The best way to reach the park is via the A8 from Munich to Stuttgart, leaving at the Kirchheim Teck Ost exit and following the B465 towards Kirchheim. Turn right onto the K1250, which becomes Neue Strasse, and leads straight to the Sirius Technologiepark. The park is 24 kilometres, or less than 20 minutes’ drive, from Stuttgart airport, joining the A8 at the Messe/Flughafen Nord junction, and turning off at the Kirchheim Teck Ost exit. There is also a train connection from Stuttgart. - register for FREE today (opens in new window)