BCA code of conduct

When you see the BCA shield against a property or provider it means they adhere to the BCA Code of Conduct. 

General Principles
Members will observe the highest principles of ethics, equity, integrity, professional conduct and fair practice in dealing with others and will conduct their business in a manner designed to enhance the operation, image
and reputation of the serviced office and managed space industry and bca members. The bca will offer
guidance and support to members to help achieve these standards.

Ethical conduct is not simply compliance with legal requirements but extends to honesty, respect for and
equitable treatment of others, integrity and social responsibility. It is conduct that holds up to disclosure and
to public scrutiny.

Members and their staff will act towards other members and non-members, clients and others at all times in good faith. Members should actively seek to support and uphold the mission statement and values of the bca. All
applicants are required to adopt this code of practice, through signature, before being accepted as a bca
member. Following such signature and acceptance, all members shall continue to ensure their compliance with
this code of conduct.

anyspacedirect.co.uk BCA MEMBERS DISCOUNT

anyspacedirect.co.uk is now pleased to invite managed workspace providers onto the site and would like to offer BCA members - for a limited time - a 25% discount off the list price.

Operators can choose to have the BCA logo appear next to their property, showing that as a managed workspace operator they adhere to the principles of the BCA code of conduct.

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